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Within the Level 3 curriculum of Chinatown JKD there is a heavier emphasis on sparring ability as well as correcting and refining the skill-sets you’ve acquired in Levels 1 and 2. Level 3 also offers new techniques, strategies and training methods to include into your Jeet Kune Do arsenal.

Level 3 is broken down into 8 separate volumes, each covering various aspects of the JKD game required for 3rd Rank advancement.

The Level 3 curriculum of Chinatown JKD is all about skill refinement, sparring and the understanding of how to apply JKD in self-defense.

Level 3 is not taught in a ‘progressive lesson format’, instead it focuses on expanding on the lessons contained within Levels 1 & 2.

You will learn brand new material, concepts, principles and strategies, such as:

  • Core Technique Refinement - Get the finer details of Stop Kicking (including leg obstruction and the shin-knee sidekick) as well as the straight lead, gaining proper penetration of punches and HIA (Hand Immobilization Attacks).
  • The “Biu Jee” - The “Biu Jee” or the Finger Jab is one of the most important techniques in Chinatown Jeet Kune Do. Sifu Dennis shares different ways of applying the finger jab, various drills used to train the technique, integrating ‘alive’ training of the finger jab and how to use the finger jab against aggressive attackers.
  • Full-Contact Sparring - Sparring full contact is a crucial element of JKD training. In these lessons we’ll take a look at some common errors you and your training partners may encounter when sparring and how to best correct them.
  • Feints, Fakes & Draws - Learn the subtle differences between feints, fakes and draws. This is an in-depth look at the art of the feint in Jeet Kune Do and how to properly apply it in your training and sparring. (see the sample lesson above)
  • Fighting Leads - Bruce Lee advocated the use of the ‘strong side forward’ stance in Jeet Kune Do. In Level 3, we will take a look at the pros and cons of the JKD stance as taught in Chinatown JKD. Strategy and tactics are discussed as well as the use of trapping against an opponent who has been trained to fight from an orthodox stance.
  • Solo Training - If you want to excel in your training you will need to learn how to train when no training partner is available. In Level 3 we have a 90-minute segment on various solo training methods using common equipment such as the heavy bag and double end bag.
  • Personal Combat - As you grow in JKD, you must learn the proper tactics and strategies of personal combat and how they apply to JKD. An entire lesson is dedicated to a lecture and demonstration by Sifu Dennis Blue on training and application of personal combat with JKD.
  • And More!

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Chinatown JKD Instructor Team

Sifu Tim Tackett, Sifu Dennis Blue and Sifu Jeremy Lynch round out the Instructor Team for our Jeet Kune Do Lessons. Our vision is to share and preserve these techniques while providing Jeet Kune Do practitioners from all over the world access to the most complete Chinatown Jeet Kune Do video tutorials and training program available anywhere.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Read This First!

  • 2

    Volume 1 - Core Technique Review

    • Volume 1

    • Module 1A - Stop Kicks: Part 1

    • Module 1B - Stop Kicks: Part 2

    • Q & A - Volume 1

    • Module 1C - Straight Lead Punch

  • 3

    Volume 2 - Core Technique Refinement

    • Volume 2

    • Module 2A - The Leg Obstruction

    • Module 2B - Punching Depth

    • Q & A - Volume 2

  • 4

    Volume 3 - The Finger Jab

    • Volume 3

    • Module 3A - Applications & Drills

    • Module 3B: Targeting & Aliveness

    • Q & A - Volume 3

    • Module 3C: Aggressive Attacker

  • 5

    Volume 4 - Full Contact Sparring

    • Volume 4

    • Module 4A - Light Contact Sparring

    • Module 4B - Increasing Intensity

    • Module 4C - Tactics & Strategy

    • Module 4D: Combative Elements

    • Q & A - Volume 4

  • 6

    Volume 5 - Feints, Fakes and Draws

    • Volume 5

    • Module 5A - Applying Feints

    • Module 5B - Applying Fakes

    • Module 5C - Feints & Fakes: Drills

    • Module 5D - Progressive Resistance

    • Q & A - Volume 5

  • 7

    Volume 6 - Fighting Leads

    • Volume 6

    • Module 6A - Unmatched Lead

    • Module 6B - Unmatched Lead: Follow-ups

    • Module 6C - Strategy

    • Q & A - Volume 6

  • 8

    Volume 7 - Solo Training Methods

    • Volume 7

    • Module 7A - Long Range

    • Module 7B: Medium Range

    • Module 7C - The Heavy Bag: Part 1

    • Module 7D: Sensitivity Drills

    • Module 7E: The Heavy Bag - Part 2

    • Q & A - Volume 7

  • 9

    Volume 8 - Tactics and Strategies of Personal Combat

    • Volume 8

    • Module 8A - Combat Development Continuum

    • Module 8B - Teaching Scenarios

    • Q & A - Volume 8

  • 10


    • About the Level 3 Curriculum

    • Testing Guidelines

    • Testing Requirements

    • Ranking Structure of Chinatown JKD

    • Create a Study Group

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