Learn Chinatown Jeet Kune Do Step-by-Step!

This is a  bundle package of our Levels 1 & 2!

Contains over 20 hours of video lessons

Our online lessons have been created to preserve the teachings of Bruce Lee with a focus on the "Los Angeles-era" of Jeet Kune Do as taught by Sifu Bob Bremer, Sifu Jim Sewell and Sifu Tim Tackett.

This program, which coincides with the 3 student ranks as set forth by the Chinatown JKD Association, means you will get access to authentic training under the standards and practices set forth by first-generation Bruce Lee students Bob Bremer & Jim Sewell, under the direct supervision of second-generation instructor Tim Tackett.

Starting with Level 1, you will receive a step-by-step lesson plan to help you build a proper foundation in Bruce Lee's Chinatown JKD.

Levels 2 builds on this knowledge and introduces you to a wide range of new techniques, strategies and training methods. Level 2 lessons will introduce you to various sparring drills, sensitivity drills, the wooden dummy, more footwork drills that will help you refine the skill-sets you’ve acquired in Level 1.

Here's some of what you'll learn:

  • All The Foundational Techniques - Learn all of the foundational techniques required for ranking up to 3rd Rank in Chinatown JKD, including: footwork, striking, kicking, interception, trapping, sensitivity drills, sparring drills, combat drills and more!
  • How To Strike Hard & Fast - Learn to harness your natural abilities to strike with maximum impact.
  • How To Get Functional - Access dozens of exercises and drills to develop your JKD stand-up game instantly
  • How To Intercept - This is the CORE of Chinatown JKD. Learn how to intercept EVERY TIME your opponent moves. You'll also learn one of our "bread and butter" techniques for intercepting as taught to us by Sifu Bob Bremer (this is a "lost" technique that is rarely, if ever, taught by other JKD groups)
  • Unique Drills & Techniques - Learn the drills and techniques taught by Sijo Bruce and refined over the last 40 years by Sifu Bremer, Tacket and Sewell.
  • How to Properly Bridge the Gap - While JKD is an intercepting art, you don't always want to wait for the fight to come to you! Learn to take the initiative and attack first by “taking care of” the various lines of attack.
  • Trapping... The Chinatown JKD Way - We do not "chase hands" or do "trapping for trapping's sake". Learn how you can start using your trapping in a functional environment. Learn to trap and throw; trap & takedown; trap and trip, how to trap & choke and more!
  • Grappling Counters & Drills - Learn simple yet effective counters for the most common grappling engagements. Footwork counters, level changes, clinch work and more!
  • Chinatown JKD ABC & Trapping series - As part of the requirements for rank in Chinatown JKD, you are required to perform the ABC (Attack by Combination) and Trapping series. You will learn each of our series (over multiple modules) to get you ready for advancement.
  • Boxing Drills - Learn the required boxing drills and techniques taught by Sijo Bruce Lee at his Los Angeles Chinatown Kwoon.
  • Defensive Drills - Learn various defensive drills, such as: the slipping and "bob and weave" progressions; boxing, kickboxing and wall survival drills.
  • Attacking Methods - Get an in-depth look at Sijo Bruce Lee’s famous “5 Methods of Attack”: Single Direct Attack / Single Angular Attack; Attack By Combination; Attack By Drawing; Progressive Indirect Attack; Hand Immobilization Attack. You will also be get and in-depth lesson on "broken rythm" and how to apply it in combat.
  • Sensitivity Training - The swinging gate drill; counter trapping tactics; combative applications of trapping; energy drills as taught in Sifu Dan Inosanto's backyard classes; and what we deem to be "historical techniques".
  • Advanced Striking & Footwork - Advanced punching, kicking, footwork drills and techniques of Chinatown Jeet Kune Do.
  • Infighting Techniques - Sifu Dennis Blue shares the infighting techniques as taught in Sifu Tackett’s garage (as part of the JKD Wednesday Night Group) designed to fill in gaps in the Chinatown JKD curriculum concerning close quarters fighting. While this is considered supplementary material, it is a very important part of your overall game
  • Ground Escapes - Sifu Jim McCann teaches our approach to ground fighting, which is very simple: “Get back to our feet!” Learn simple and effective techniques for getting off the ground from various positions (in the event you find yourself on the ground during an encounter).
  • The Wooden Dummy (Mook Jong) - Sifu Tackett provides a general overview of techniques and training methods on the Mook Jong. Sifu focuses on the elements of the Wing Chun and JKD sets (created by Dan Inosanto) used most often by the JKD Wednesday Night Group & Chinatown JKD.
  • And a lot more! (too many things to list!)